Introduction & Information

This is new for me

(not now that was then)

isn’t it always ?

So the Words will be

In the form of (poetry)

May be


Light is the subject as it has been my life

Collecting  bending manipulating

archiving of these (light)  events

(It’s normally just called Photography)

This is my site for that work……

photography BY Hag

I also play with sounds sometimes in a similar way

(That’s usually called music)

Some results can be found here…..

The Photography in this Blog…

Will be more random
Digital, colour and spontaneous
than the work mentioned above

The Poetry in this Blog…

I have written over many years

They plop out of my head onto the page
Then I keep going back and reworking them
Over weeks months and years

(not always sometimes not)

The general tone is ‘Northern Bleak’ with uplifting moments

Comments  are welcomed

Though I do enjoy writing them
This will make me have a final fiddle (de-rol) and decide if they’re fit for any kind of human consumption

Thats when they get a go on here

(not always)

Often when I read them I change them so the poems will change, slightly, constantly


(A more eloquent phrase would be refining)



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